2006 ADR Survey in the Australian ICT Industry

Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia (IAMA)
Australian Computer Society (ACS)
Project Management Institute (PMI)

This paper discusses and analyses the results of the 2006 Survey into Dispute Resolution in the ICT Industry in Australia. The survey was conducted jointly by IAMA, ACS and PMI. Issues discussed include the extent of disputes in the ICT industry, the cost of resolution of these disputes and the techniques adopted to resolve them.

This paper, and the accompanying IAMA Strategy for ADR in the ICT Industry was launched on September 27th, 2007, by Senator Helen Coonan, Minister for Communications.

The Project Management Institute proudly supported this study. The need for best practice project management and governance processes in the ICT industry is evident, particularly given the innovation ICT projects can deliver. This study is likely to assist project teams in recognising what constitutes a higher risk criteria for where disputes may arise.
PMI Chairman: Todd Hutchinson

The Survey of Dispute Resolution in the ICT Industry is the result of the hard work and efforts of the IAMI, PMI and ACS. The Survey gives insights into the nature, length and techniques used in Dispute Resolution with distinctive traits of the ICT industry. Its findings are no doubt valuable to encourage professional practice in the ICT Industry and to help resolving disputes should they arise.
ACS President: Phil Argy

Since 1975 IAMA has assisted organisations and individuals in resolving disputes, saving industry millions of dollars and governments considerable costs as an alternative to tribunals and courts. This survey demonstrates the need to develop and implement cost effective dispute resolution to ensure the Australian ICT industry achieves and maintains efficient delivery of its services. We are proud to be part of this important initiative and with our key strategic partners, the ACS and PMI, will achieve this objective.
IAMA President: Laurie James

Authors and Contributors


Anthony Grieve (IAMA) Howard Elliott (IAMA/ACS)


    Robert Hunt (Past President and Councillor of IAMA), Phil Argy (President ACS), Matthew Lumsdaine (IAMA/ACS), Don Jenkins (IAMA/ACS), Peter O’Driscoll (PMI/ACS), Bruce Rankin (PMI), Tony Phillips (IAMA), Seni Murni (ACS), Victor Pacheco (ACS)

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